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An der Frauenkirche 20, D-01067 Dresden

Ordering precious metals is easy with Dresden.Gold

Once you have decided on the products you would like to purchase you may either place an order online or directly in store.
Payments may be made via bank transfer or in cash.
If you chose to pay in cash on the day of purchase it is possible to remain anonymous within the rules applying to over-the-counter transactions.

Over-the-counter transactions are, generally speaking, all transactions with simultaneous performance that are conducted between two parties on a principal-to-principal basis

Since 01 January 2020, customers do not need to disclose personal information for purchases up to a value of Euro 1,999.99
The advantage of remaining anonymous is that it offers more security and privacy.

How do over-the-counter transactions work?

Over-the-counter transactions are similar to the purchase of everyday goods such as bread and butter.
You can simply visit us in store, An der Frauenkirche 20, and choose the bars and coins you would like to purchase from our product range.
Whether a certain product is in stock can be seen either on the overview pages or the individual product pages.

Payments may only be made in cash. This ensures that you remain completely anonymous.

Are there any disadvantages to anonymous purchases?

The only disadvante of over-the-counter transactions is their limitation due to legal rules and regulations.
Dresden.Gold is obliged to collect personal data for any invoices exceeding Euro 2,000 and to store them for five years. Furthermore, we need to report any suspicious transactions and suspicions concerning money laundering to the appropriate authorities.