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Information, overviews, and guides

We understand that buying precious metals is a matter of trust. Therefore, we would like to provide you with all information needed to make an informed decision.
Should your question not be answered in one of the categories below, please feel free to contact us anytime either via telephone or email.

What is the current spot price for gold and silver?

Get to know more about the latest spot prices for gold, silver, and platinum in various currencies.
You can also look up past developments.

How do I purchase anonymously?

There are some regulations on anonymous purchases which we have to follow.
Get to know more about them and over-the-counter transactions in general.

How do I sell scrap gold?

In addition to bars and coins, you can also sell jewellery, dental gold or scrap gold.
This scrap gold sale is somewhat different from a regular sale.
We have clearly summarised the corresponding steps for you.

How can precious metals and diamonds be authenticated?

If you would like to have heirlooms checked without selling them, we are also your contact.

General information and FAQ

Answers to further questions can be found in this section.
We are also happy to help you by mail or telephone.