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  • From 20.07.2020 to 07.08.2020 we will be on holiday.  +


Loose diamonds are ideal for diversifying your portfolio - or if you wish to give a lasting present to a special person.

Good reasons to pick a diamond

Due to increasing wealth in emerging countries and decreasing trust in traditional currencies, demand for diamonds is increasing constantly. Steady growth in prices also adds to the attractiveness of diamonds for long term investment purposes. Besides they are portable and may be stored in the smalles space, which the following example shows impressively: one million Euros turned into diamonds weigh a couple of grammes, the same amount of money turned into gold weighs about 30 kilogrammes.
On our partner-website 5C-Diamant we are able to offer certified diamonds of the highest quality with each stone undergoing professional grading.

Your best option

As the desired characteristics of a stone are as unique as each customer, we strive to offer the best information possible so that you will be able to choose the diamond that meets all your expectations. Use the diamond search provided to get an impression of all the fantastic options available and to find the one you are looking for. Should you wish to speak to a consultant via telephone or in person, we are always happy to help.

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